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In heat one Stuart got 2nd, After thinking he was in 1st place. In the second heat Stuart came 1st.

Stuart went on the track for the final and just as he was about to take his position on the grid he noticed there was an issue and the car wouldn't move, he felt the torque arm had gone. The team worked hard to sort it to hopefully make it time but unfortunately did not make it. After investigating a rose joint snapped and it had broken the prop shaft as well!

After comfortably leading the national a car pulled out of a pile up blocking the track, meaning Stuart had to ram it out the way damaging his steering and allowing the rest of the pack to catch up! But was happy to salvage a 2nd place.

Again a big thank you to all the sponsors, without them Team Smith Motorsport would not be in the position it is today. Check out all our sponsors under the "Sponsors" page.

Meeting Results:

Heat one result 463 390 55 1 313 16 380 212 268 207 220 105

Heat two result 390 249 337 1 55 212 220 166 313 207 238 57

Final result 55 16 1 422 238 212 337 216 NOF

GN result 55 390 16 1 212 276 57 313 NOF

Special Thanks to Colin Casserley for the Pictures